Listed below is the latest list of televised Football fixtures to be shown at the Foresters. They will be shown live across 3 TV’s, so why not nip down watch a game and have a cheeky pint or two?!

Tuesday 10th March
RB Leipzig V Spurs 8pm
Wednesday 11th March
Liverpool v Athletico Madrid 8pm
Man City V Arsenal 8pm
Thursday 12th March
Lask V Man United 6pm
Olympiakos V Wolves 8pm
Saturday 14th March
Watford V Leicester 12:30pm
Aston Villa V Chelsea 5:30pm
Sunday 15th March
Rangers V Celtic 12pm
West-ham V Wolves 2pm
Spurs V Man United 4:30pm
Monday 16th March
Everton V Liverpool 8pm
Tuesday 17th March
Man City V Real Madrid 8pm
Wednesday 18th March
FC Bayern V Chelsea 8pm
Thursday 19th March
Wolves V Olympiakos
Man United V Lask 8pm
Friday 20th March
Spurs V West Ham 8pm
Saturday 21st March
Chelsea V Man City 12:30pm
Liverpool V Crystal Palace 5:30pm
Saturday 4th April
Sheffield Utd V Spurs 5:30pm
Sunday 5th April
West Ham V Chelsea 2pm
Man City V Liverpool 4:30pm
Monday 6th April
Everton V Leicester 8pm
Saturday 11th April
Spurs V Everton 5:30pm
Sunday 12th April
Chelsea V Watford 2pm
Liverpool V Aston Villa 4:30pm
Monday 13th April
Wolves V Arsenal 8pm