This week’s business is actually a charity! Carla Lane Animals in Need, a rescue centre for over 40 years.

‘We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome, dogs, cars and other animals. We believe that all animals are equal, and no animal or breed is discriminatedagainst. Each one comes with their own love, personality and wiseness not to be matched’.

They are currently running a fundraiser in which you can help! Please read more below:


Sat 18th May
Sat 25th May
Sat 8th June
Sun 9th June

‘We are so pleased to have been chosen by Pets At Home in Burscough’s as their charity for 2019. The team will be fundraising and supporting our Sanctuary throughout the year.

We have arranged some collection dates for Pets At Homes and their charity, Support Adoption For Pets fundraising drive – HELP FILL EMPTY TUMMIES APPEAL.

We are in need of extra helpers to sign up and give their time to come along and collect in-store.

All funds are going towards our Brighter Lives Kennel Appeal to help renovate our old kennels into brighter, modern units.’

If you can help out please message their page Carla Lane Animals in Need Liverpool.

We also have a a donation bucket in the Foresters Arms so any money donated will be greatly appreciated!