After nearly 10 days of being missing, this gorgeous dog has been found safe and well, and we couldn’t be happier.

harley has been foundThank you to all our followers who shared our post. It just goes to show the importance of sharing posts, as your post may help directly or indirectly but it may still always be a help. Please always share this kind of post, as you never know how it may help and if anything ever happened to any of your pets we’re sure you’d wish for help in the same way.

Also on reflection of this post, Harley’s owner has advised people that when leaving your dog with a dog sitter or at a kennels ensure you do your research and know that you are leaving them in s safe and secure environment. They are your babies after all.

Also a massive well done to all those involved in the search for Harley, all your hard work has paid off. Again thank you for all to make this gorgeous dog finally got home and reunited again with his own family.

Welcome home Harley!